Each dish is an open book which is the expression of a chef's personality. The Chef always stands before an audience and awaits the judgement.



A debate regularly returns about Chefs.

Are they artists or artisans ?

Some brush the question to one side simply explaining that behind each work of art there must be a notion of time and traces left in history. As all that can be eaten is transient it cannot be defined by artistic criteria.

Jean-Luc Brendel has however decided to give a real artistic dimension to all that he undertakes. For each practical, useful or comfortable need, he answers dream, surprise, sensations, privilege, if not elitism.

Inspired by his environment, his travels, his literary experiences, his partners in the creation of ceramics, pottery and cutlery for instance, or his young apprentices who have joined him from Argentina or Japan, he continuously reaches out for a need to vibrate, and then to build.

As a child, he was fascinated by his grand-mother's capacity to transmute/refine garden produce. He  observed his mother in her Winstub in Strasbourg, « Les Trois Lièvres », visited nearly methodically the castles and villages of Alsace. On reaching adulthood, he launches his career, falls immediately in love for a bar in Riquewihr where he opened his first restaurant at only 20. 

from Jean-Luc

Why choose our guest rooms in Riquewihr ?

Jean-Luc Brendel wishes to gain from everything good that the past has to offer, notably through the soil. He has therefore created and developed a garden where thrive together a variety of herbs, flowers, plants and rare vegetables, such as red meadowsweet, all types of berries, scarlet marjoram, parrot poppies, scarlet runner beans, asteraceae or curry plant, and white carrots.

To give thanks fr the past, to respect it, to preserve it, to enhance it are thus the first goals of Jean-Luc Brendel's restaurants.

The spirit of Jean-Luc Brendel's different establishments is first of all, and most naturally, linked to Alsace and to Riquewihr, medieval village among the most charming of the region.

Throughout is an idea of savoir faire, of how to be and how to live, ideas that already pervade the buildings chosen for the strength of their character.

And of course wines, produced all around and that are part of the destination.


Respect and preserve history
Build and refine desire 
Compose and create an original identity