a totally unique place
in Riquewihr


B Vintage is a 3 storey guest house with a 1950's atmosphere. In a listed historical building in the heart of Riquewihr you are transported by magic in a time warp…A rare experience.


A personal creation, thought out in detail.

Jean-Luc Brendal has restored this magnificent house built on the villages walls to its former glory.

at the forefront
nostalgic !

Each detail is the fruit of much consideration, from the colour of the tiles to the exact nuance of the building itself. And inside treasures are to be discovered.

In this precious historical setting, decoration is a vibrant homage to the 1950's. For more than a year, Jean-Luc Brendel imagined this address where he could create a retro-chic atmosphere with nostalgic overtones.

New place:
B. Vintage,
go back in time

Ardent about architecture, aesthetics, art and history, Jean-Luc Brendel has imagined here rooms in a spirit that will absorb you. Enjoy discovering the decorations, each object that composes this creation worthy of the greatest decorators.

Beyond the village of Riquewihr and his restaurant, Jran-Luc Brendel has created a place soon to be visited in its own right. As are the Royal Suites of the most luxurious hotels, the villas or penthouses of the most voluptuous resorts, B Vintage is an address which is a destination in itself.